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Brenner Group Undergraduate Research Projects

About the group

We develop computational methods for the analysis and integration of molecular sequence and structure. Our aim is to understand organismal biology by interpreting the information encoded in complete genomes. This work is presently focused on the areas of structural and functional genomics. Here are further details about our research interests.

Notes about all projects

Projects are available in several of the group's areas of interest and will be tailored to the abilities and interests of the student apprentice and current membership of the group. Students should expect to spend at least 12 hours per week on the project. The ideal student will have a strong molecular biology background and considerable programming experience. Students with < 3.6 GPA will only be considered in exceptional circumstances.

Specific projects

How to apply

Applicants should apply through URAP or other undergraduate research programs in order to get credit (and possibly money) for your work.