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If you do not have Java installed on your system, please download and install a recent JRE from Sun Microsystems (1.4 or higher). For example, JRE 1.4.2_08 is available here.


Download and "installation" for Jevtrace2 (3.12b and greater)

A. Download the software. For commercial licenses please contact Adelle Lohse.

B. The software is ready to use. To execute Jevtrace double-click the JAR file or type the following in a terminal window:

java -mx1000M -jar jevtrace.jar jevtrace.jevtrace

assuming you are in the same directory as the jevtrace JAR file. More details here.


Download and installation steps for versions prior to Jevtrace2 (3.12b)

A. Download the software. For commercial licenses please contact Adelle Lohse.

B. Uncompress the Jevtrace package into a known directory.

C. Check whether you have Java installed. J2E version 1.4.2 or the most current stable version is recommended (please do not use Java version 1.4.1 which has graphical problems).

Mac Java information is here. All other platforms should refer to the Sun Microsystems Java website.

Note: If you are using Windows or Mac it is likely that the operating system has a default Java setup. To check what version you are running, type 'java -version' on the command-line. Mac OS X stores previous versions of Java in the System directory.

D.1. To start surely and quickly, you can use the java–cp option, listing the relevant directories separated by a colon (semicolon on Windows). Use the following command to start Jevtrace:

java –cp c:\path\to\webmol;c:\path\to\parent\of\jevtrace\ jevtrace.jevtrace <jevtrace options>

e.g. if all files are place in c:\java\classes and there is a valid test.aln alignment in the current directory:

java –cp c:\java\classes\webmol;c:\java\classes jevtrace.jevtrace test.aln

Ideally one should be able to start the software by typing:

java jevtrace.jevtrace <options>

To do this, you will need to add the paths to WebMol and Jevtrace to your system Java CLASSPATH. On Windows:

set CLASSPATH c:\jevtrace_distr\webmol;c:\jevtrace_distr\

where c:\jevtrace_distr is the location of the parent directory.

For details on setting the CLASSPATH for all OS please refer to the web.
Sun Microsystems provides details on setting the CLASSPATH for Windows.

Windows 95 and 98 - Examine autoexec.bat for the set command, append WebMol and Jevtrace directories to the 'set CLASSPATH' line.

Other (Windows NT, Windows 2000, ...) -The CLASSPATH environment variable can be set using the System utility in the Control Panel.


Alternately it is possible to use a shortcut (e.g.on Windows) or script file containing the jevtrace startup command.


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